Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Bucket List Update - Sydney, sun, fireworks and FUN!

For those who are interested, I have now added a page at the top of my blog where I can add to and update my Bucket List as I tick things off or think of things I want to add. 

Most of the items on my list will have to wait until after my surgery as they predominantly involve travelling. However, there are a few that I can work towards ticking off in the meantime...

New Year's Eve - Sydney Road Trip
I am very excited to be going on a road trip to Sydney for New Year's Eve with my housemate and close friend, Sophie (pictured below on a road trip to Torquay together a few weeks ago). Through the help of a friend, we've managed to be able to find affordable accommodation in an excellent location at short notice which is almost impossible in Sydney at this time of year. This mini getaway will allow me to tick 2 items off my list - numbers 46 and 47 - interstate road trip with a friend and Bondi Beach. I'm also looking forward to catching up with one of my close school friends who I haven't seen in years. 

We'll be stopping over in a small country town somewhere along the way to experience a bit of rural Australia before we set off for the big city. It's no overseas trip, but I cannot wait for this little four day trip full of sun, fun, tunes, food, friends and fireworks! Look forward to sharing stories and photos.

I have a number of other ideas and things in the pipelines for the New Year that I'm really looking forward to.  Let's see how many things I can tick off my list before my surgery.

Exciting times ahead! 

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