Monday, 16 December 2013

City and Colour

If you're a fan of live music at all and you ever get the chance, do yourself a favour and see City and Colour live. Dallas Green has by far the most amazing voice of any artist I've ever seen. He sounds even better than he does on his albums which I find extremely rare in singers. 

I saw them for the 2nd time on Saturday night at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl and was just as blown away as the first time. I think everyone who attended would completely agree with me. I even had a tear in my eye at a couple of points (as lame as that sounds) because the songs sounded so beautiful. Even though it's about a completely different illness, I listened to the song "Oh, Sister" a lot when my sister was sick so that song in particular pulled some heartstrings. 

You can see from the photo below that I was a fair distance away but it was still amazing nonetheless. 
Below is a video of one of my favourite City and Colour songs, "Sleeping Sickness". The recordings a few year's old but is still just as good. Enjoy!

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