Thursday, 12 December 2013

Thailand - Part 2 - Speedboats and Elephants

It's almost halfway through the first month of summer and still feels like winter. I'm sure anyone else living in Melbourne feels my pain. I would give anything to be back in Thailand, lying by the pool soaking up the sunshine! This is Part 2 of mine and Mara's Thailand adventure..

Phi Phi Islands
On the morning after our first night out in Bangla Road, we had a very early start to make our way to where we would catch a speedboat to Phi Phi Islands. The early wake up was a struggle but was well and truly worth it. It was the bumpiest boat ride I'd ever been on in my life (luckily, we were provided with seasickness tablets prior to setting off!).

After an hour or so, we arrived at the Islands and slowed down a little to take in the beautiful surroundings.

Our first stop was Maya Bay where the movie "The Beach" with Leonardo DiCaprio was filmed. I really want to watch the movie again now I've been to where it was filmed. We tried to hire it out at every hotel we stayed at after this trip but didn't have any luck. 

The beach was absolutely packed with people and the shore was lined up with speedboats. Still, didn't stop us taking a few pics in what I'd consider to be one of the most common tourist photo-op spots in all of Thailand. Had to be done. 

Our trip also entailed a couple of stops for snorkeling; a first for me. I wish I'd had an underwater camera because the fish and coral were so bright and colourful. It was a truly amazing experience. I also discovered the strange fact that fish eat bananas... who would've thought! I think we all thought our tour guide was joking when he gave us bananas to feed the fish.

The bananas also came in handy when we made a quick stop off at Monkey Island. I'll admit, I didn't get too close to the shore after we were warned that the monkeys carry a number of diseases. Getting rabies was definitely not on my list of things to do on my holiday. The monkeys didn't mind coming too close to us for a free feed so it didn't take me long to retreat back into the safe confines of the boat.

Throughout the day, our trip included a full buffet lunch with snacks on the boat along the way. Our captain was clever enough to cut us up some heart shaped watermelon. 

We finished the day off with some more snorkeling and set off for an even rockier boat ride back to Phuket. Poor Mara suffered a bit of delayed seasickness later that night so I took on Bangla Road on my own and met up with the Tassie guys from the night before where I hoped they would be - Monsoon. 

Rough trip aside, I would definitely recommend the day trip to Phi Phi Islands. It was one of the most beautiful places I've ever been lucky enough to see. 

Elephant Trekking
Our second last day in Phuket entailed a trip to take a ride on an elephant. First of all we watched a show put on by a couple of baby elephants (which, as you can see below, were far from small). 

The baby elephants were really clever and showed us how they could paint a picture, play soccer and a few other neat little tricks. I'm not really a fan of how they train the elephants, but was nice to see nonetheless.

We then spent about 30 minutes riding around the jungle on the back of one of the older elephants. It was a slow and relaxing little trip - something I appreciated doing but not something I'd need to do again. 

That was the end of our few days in Phuket after which we set off for our next destination - Koh Samui. I liked Phuket but I LOVED Koh Samui and would've stayed there forever if I didn't have to come back to reality.

In my posts to come, I'll share some stories from our time in Koh Samui and my favourite part of the entire trip; the Full Moon Party!

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