Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Exciting News!

100 Things Free Public Talk

Those of you who read my first ever blog post may recall me mentioning that I'd been reading a book called 100 Things by Sebastian Terry which was part of the inspiration for my bucket list. 

I was really excited to hear that Seb would be holding a free event in Melbourne to share his journey and experiences in a public forum (all details per the below link). 

I am now even more excited to announce that I'll be performing at Seb's event! My guitarist, Kris, and I will open up the evening with a few acoustic songs while everyone makes their way in and settles in for what I'm sure will be an inspiring and very interesting evening.

I'm a little nervous to share this.. but below is a video I recorded last night in preparation for the gig and to show Seb and his team that I'm not completely terrible. I don't claim to be a guitarist so that part of it is very rusty... but here you go! 

(more exciting news below so keep reading if intrigued..)

In other news..

On March 1st - 2nd, Melbourne will host The Weekend to End Women's Cancers in which all proceeds will go to the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre for cancer research. Having lost both my Mum and little sister to cancer this event is one that I can truly relate to and support completely. The Peter Mac hospital will also be where I'll be having my surgery in a couple of months time. 

It's likely that I'll be unfit to be able to participate in the walk, however my close friend Kristy and her partner Joe have decided to participate after hearing my news late last year. They will be walking 60km across 2 days and have to raise a minimum of $2,000 each to be able to participate. I think the walk itself will be an amazing effort and wish that I was able to enter alongside them. I'm truly grateful that they are essentially participating on my behalf. 

If anyone is interested in making a donation to help Kristy's entry, please find the link below. All proceeds will go to Peter Mac. 


Thanks for reading and I look forward to all of the exciting things to come over the next few months! 

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