Tuesday, 21 January 2014

How to cure post surgery boredom

I'm home from work sick today with a tummy bug and it has dawned on me today, more than ever before, that I'm likely to suffer from a case of extreme boredom after I have my surgery. It will take be 4 - 8 weeks to recover in which I'll be sitting at home without the energy to go anywhere or participate in any strenuous activities. 

It's currently 4.30pm after 1 day of being at home sick and I'm completely bored and hanging out for my housemates to get home to entertain me (even if this involves watching them cook their dinner that I'm too sick to eat). Of course post surgery, I'll have to focus on getting better but there is still going to be a lot of down time where I'm doing absolutely nothing. 

I've decided it's time to get my thinking hat on and start brainstorming some post surgery activities to stop me from going completely insane. 

In my thinking hat.. sorry I couldn't help myself
1. Convince all of my friends to visit me on regular occasions
2. Plan the best holiday EVER so when I can eventually go travelling I won't have to plan a thing
3. Figure out all of the cheap ways to go travelling so this will actually end up happening
4. Finish all of the books I've started reading
5. Finish watching all of the TV shows I'm halfway through
6. Write blog posts about my recovery
7. Sleep
8. Practice guitar
9. Watch a lot of movies
10. Jigsaw puzzle
11. Sort out the music on my iTunes
12. Organise my laptop, hard drive and all of the USBs I have floating around with things on them
13. Clean my room (I'm putting this here because if it's online then I actually have to do it)

Any additional ideas will be seriously considered! 


  1. You could make some pom poms I'm happy to show you how! ;) there are also website online where you can do tasks for companies like proof read, edit, data entry for money :)

    1. Hahaha not sure what the purpose of pom pom making is.. but if I feel the need I shall be sure to let you know Evie Joy ;) Oooooh but I do like the sound of the others! Particularly the money part haha