Sunday, 9 February 2014

Bucket List #57 - Have a massive food party before my surgery - CHECK!

Food, Food, Food, Food and More Food

With only 8 days to go until my surgery, it's fair to say I have well and truly accomplished this item on my bucket list. Last night my housemate, Sophie, and I went on a bit of a junk food shopping spree for just about everything we could think of.. and then went nuts.

I started my day catching up with a friend from Tassie in the city who kindly enough bought me a big breakfast. 

I then headed down to beautiful Southbank to meet my friend Kristy before heading to a travel expo. The meeting place she chose was a gelato shop outside Crown Casino.. Therefore, when she called me and told me she couldn't find a park and might be a little while, I decided what better way to kill time than with some delicious gelato at our very convenient meeting place. The fact that it was almost 40 degrees only helped my cause. I couldn't risk the embarrassment of taking a selfie with said gelato, but I did manage to get a pic of the amazing view while I sat and waited. 

So after collecting some great travel reading material for when I'm home over the next month or so, I headed home and Sophie and I went on our epic snack shop. 

This was the result (don't worry.. I didn't eat it all on my own.. only half of it)..

Delicious Nachos

And this photo pretty much sums up how I felt after eating all of this amazing food... like I never wanted to eat another thing again!...Until half an hour later when I felt I could fit in some more chocolate (mistake). After effects aside, I had a great night and am happy I got my big binge night out of the way a bit in advance of  my looming surgery date. Massive Food Party complete!

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