Monday, 10 March 2014

A day in the life..

Pre-surgery I pictured myself during my recovery doing a whole heap of productive things - planning an amazing holiday for when I'm able to go; selling a heap of stuff on eBay; sorting through my room and throwing things out that I really don't have use for anymore etc.. I'm now at the start of week 4 and have done little to none of these productive things. So far I've sorted through my makeup and listed one item on eBay.

I have however become addicted to a TV show by the name of Hart of Dixie and went for my first drive the other day just so I could hire out the second season (yes some of us do still hire DVDs). I later discovered (today) that I was driving around on a completely flat tyre and luckily had friends who knew how to change this for me. During my non-productive time I've also finished reading the first Game of Thrones book and started and finished another really good book called Gone Girl (highly recommended). This is all in between visits from my friends most days. Oh and in between my already busy schedule, I must remember that my full time job is to make sure I have enough calories. So basically, there has been no time for anything remotely productive to happen. 

For the first time in a while I realised that I'm starting to go a little stir crazy just being at home all the time. This was bound to happen sooner or later. The whole point of my time off is of course to recover and make sure I'm getting used to my new dietary intake. But you can't blame a girl for getting a little restless so yesterday I went on a little outing by myself to get some gelato around the corner and today, even more exciting, went to the movies with a couple of my friends. Although I'm exhausted now, it was so good to get out of the house just for a couple of hours! And Zac Efron movies never disappoint. 
Kristy, Mara and I on our movie outing

Current Diet
Since my little stint on Channel 7, I've had an enormous amount of feedback including questions and comments from people who will soon be undertaking a gastrechtomy themselves. I have been completely overwhelmed by the amazing amount of support and the number of responses I've received since my little TV debut so I would like to say a quick thank you to everyone as it truly does mean a lot. I've also received more flowers, gifts and cards from all of my friends and family than I could ever have imagined and have been utterly spoiled which I'm also very grateful for.

  I thought I'd share a few of my current go-to meals for those who are interested. For those of you who are soon to be in my position, it may be helpful (or you might want to research some more appealing recipes in advance if they sound completely terrible). For everyone else, it might make you appreciate all of the food you can eat. The one thing I'm missing most at the moment is eating actual meals. I would love to sit there and eat a giant bowl of pasta and a whole pizza followed by a block of chocolate. Not that I would ever do this normally... but everyone wants what they can't have right? Anyway, enough wishful thinking. Here are a few options of what I've been having as part of my puree diet. I'm seeing my dietitian again on Wednesday so am crossing my fingers I'll soon get to go back to normal foods!

Go-to meals(everything is pureed):
1 x weetbix in almond milk with honey
Porridge in almond milk with honey
1 or 2 x scrambled eggs with cheese 

(melt cheese over the top or add gravy or sour cream for extra calories)
Pureed broccoli, carrots and sweet potato
Pureed potato
Pureed chicken mince (sounds terrible but I added some pesto and it's not so bad mixed with the vegetables)
Pureed beans and tomatoes in Mexican seasoning on potato with sour cream and cheese
Pureed beef mince (make sure to get a high quality one.. I made the mistake of not doing this and it's not fun finding bits of gristle amongst your puree)

(so the pureed diet isn't all bad..)
Resource drinks (am struggling a lot with these so not having anywhere near enough as I'm meant to)
Smoothie - with milo and banana
Fruche (the only type of yogurt I like)
Icecream with raspberries
Stewed fruit (have tried a peach so far.. very tasty)
Chocolate mousse made from avocado (a little rich but OK)

Ice cream with raspberries

Milo and banana smoothie
I hope that someone out there might find this helpful. Thanks again for reading!


  1. Hi Kate I read with interest your blog. I've also had my stomach removed. Had to believe it is now 2 years ago. I had a neuroendocrine tumour in the stomach so removal of my stomach was not a choice. The decision you've made is one which I'm sure wasn't easy but again I feel you didn't have a choice either. I am grateful to be alive even without my stomach. Living without a stomach is not easy especially the first 18 months but it does get better. It's a whole new way of thinking which foods you will get the most nutritional benefit from as well as gain weight. I didn't gain any weight for the first 18 months and even now it's really slow but I'm getting there. You are such a brave young lady with so much ahead so embrace your new body image and give yourself time to adjust. Thinking of you and wishing you all the best. Regards Merran

    1. Hi Merran, I'm so sorry to hear about the tumour and that you didn't have an option all but it is great to hear that you're doing well. I'm very lucky that I didn't have to go through an illness at all and was able to have the option to prevent it. I haven't lost too much weight yet which is a bonus. I put on weight before my surgery so I'm happy with the weight I am now and will hopefully be able to maintain it. Thanks so much for the comment and all the best to you too. Kate

  2. I think you should try a vegan diet. Search freelee Bannana girl in youtube.

  3. I just wanted to say that you are really brave :) I had to do a puree diet a few years back when I have surgery on my palate and went through a whole jar of nutella in a week. Have you thought of doing smoothies with cream instead of milk? It will help up the calories. Also I read this blog ( ) and she had to have her stomach removed when she was just a child due to cancer and I thought maybe you could message her (she seems to be around your age)?

    1. Thanks so much, that's really sweet of you :) The puree diet is not much fun so sorry to hear you had to do it too! Don't blame you on the Nutella.. if it didn't make me sick I probably would've eaten the whole jar in one go. Probably a good thing I can't! I'm actually a little lactose intolerant so cream doesn't sit so well with me unfortunately. But thanks for the tip! I'll also check out the blog. Thanks for the link :) Got the news that I'm able to move off the puree diet onto solid foods today which is so exciting! Thanks for the comment, Kate

  4. Hi Kate,

    You are doing a great job and tackling things head on!
    Have you heard of the crazy sexy diet.

    I think this may help you,
    It may sound extreme but you have already had something every extreme happen to you. I would highly recommend trying it and seeing how much better you could feel.

    I wish you all the best on you're recovery and new journey. (Just like you blogs name)

    1. Hi Lisa,

      Thanks I'll check it out :) Only difference might be that I have to make sure my meals are all very calorie dense (because my portions are so small). But it looks like this website could be helpful regardless.

      Thanks very much for the comment.