Thursday, 19 June 2014


Today I discovered some good, yet overwhelming, news. As many of you would know, I made the decision to have my stomach removed due to an 80% risk of developing stomach cancer at some point in my life. I never regretted my decision at all due to the high risks but today I received some results that made that decision the best I'm yet to make in my life. 

Prior to my surgery I was told there was a strong chance that I already had cancer cells developing in my stomach that hadn't been detected with a gastroscope. Today I received the biopsy results from my surgery and as it turns out, I did in fact already have cancer cells starting grow in my stomach. They were microscopic and would never have been picked up via regular gastric screening but were there nonetheless. 

I feel as though I've dodged a bullet and have been given a second chance. It was only a matter of time before these cells started to develop and grow into something more serious. I had to make an extremely difficult decision to have the surgery but I now know that my decision has ultimately saved my life. 

Part of me feels guilty that I've been given a chance both my Mum and my sister didn't have the opportunity to take. However, I know that neither of them would want me to feel this way. I will be forever grateful to my sister for her choice to have genetics testing and I can now say without a doubt that her choice saved my life. I would give anything to give her a big hug and say "thank you". I owe it to my sister to do whatever it is that makes me happy and will keep her memory alive for as long as I am here. 

"I'll love you till the end"

Me with my beautiful sister, Jacinta


  1. Hi Kate,

    I have been following your blogs.
    Brave and inspirational.

    Please read the china study.

    Keep loving life.


  2. Wow, that's big news. Whatever life throws at you now will seem insignificant compared to this hurdle you've leaped over.

  3. Hi Kate,
    Enjoy every day of life.
    I have over come cancer too.
    I agree with Helens comment best book I have read. Saved my life.
    Enjoy every minute your jouney

  4. Thanks all for the comments, it's very kind of you all. I will definitely check out the china study. Kate